Machine Learning / Networking

SLOW Lab에서는 기계학습/강화학습 또는 네트워크에 대한 연구에 관심이 있는 학부생 인턴과 석/박사 대학원생을 모집하고 있습니다. 특히 아래 주제들에 대해 관심이 있으시면 주창희 교수님께 연락을 주시기 바랍니다. (이메일: , 연구실: 고려대학교 우정정보관 507B)

  • Research on AI-based automation (e.g., AutoML, AI trading)

  • Research on AI technology for next-generation (6G) communication networks

  • Research on industrial AI techniques for practical use

Recent news:

[2022.07] Our paper has been accepted for publication in JCN (SCI(E), IF 3.908)

  • Jihyeon Yun, Taegun An, Haesung Jo, Bon-Jun Ku, Daesub Oh, and Changhee Joo*, "Downlink Spectrum Sharing of Heterogeneous Communication Systems in LEO Satellite Networks," Journal of Communications and Networks, accepted for publication.

[2022.07] International collaboration proposal with AI-EDGE research center (OSU, USA) has been (almost surely) accepted. This is a 4-year international collaboration with several outstanding researchers, from AI-EDGE institute (USA), Korea Univ., SNU, KAIST (S. Korea), IIT Bombay, IIT Madras (India). The research is supported by NSF, USA.

[2022.06] Our proposal of the 7-year ERC center (인지증강 메타통신 연구) has been accepted. We are teamed with other researchers in Korea Univ, SNU, and Yonsei Univ. See the news at [LINK]

[2022.01] Our paper has been accepted for publication in IEEE TNSM (SCI(E), IF 4.758)

  • Seunghyun Lee, D. Manjunath*, and Changhee Joo*, "On the Economics Effects of CDN-Mediated Delivery on Content Providers," IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (TNSM), accepted for publication.

[2022.01] Our paper has been accepted for publication in IEEE TMC (SCI(E), IF 5.577)

  • Qing Li, Xiao Ma, Ao Zhou, Changhee Joo, and Shangguan Wang*, "Online Service Request Duplicating for Vehicular Applications," IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC), accepted for publication.

[2022.01] Seunghyun successfully defended, and ready for graduation. He will be with us for a short time as a post-doc.

[2022.01] Our paper has been accepted for publication in ICT Epress (SCI(E), IF 4.317)

  • Seunghyun Lee and Changhee Joo*, "Two-Side Pricing in the Content Distributed Network under Traffic Dynamics," ICT Express, accepted for publication.